A Home to Love, A Space for Everyone: The 2023 American Standard Design Awards

American Standard Design Awards 2023 provides a platform for the next generation of designers to showcase purposeful design and practical solutions for residential bathroom spaces

Editor’s note: This article is an edited press release from LIXIL. Header image: Vietnam’s Lê Đức Thịnh, Winner of the Residential Bathroom Space Design category, ASDA 2022

“For over 140 years, American Standard has continuously raised the bar in delivering bathroom solutions that combines purposeful designs and pioneering technologies. With our deep industry and design expertise, we are delighted to collaborate with leading architects and designers to launch American Standard Design Awards 2023,” says Antoine Besseyre Des Horts, Leader, LIXIL Global Design, Asia. 

LIXIL is the maker of pioneering water and housing product and organized this year’s ASDA in partnership with American Standard. The competition focuses on multi-generational living with the theme ‘A Home to Love, A Space for Everyone.’ The ASDA 2023 calls for innovative, user-centric, purposeful, and practical designs from the next generation of designers across the Asia Pacific (APAC).

“American Standard has been trusted for generations for its progressive and dependable products, and we chose this year’s ASDA theme to inspire student designers to create an inviting multi-generational bathroom space in the home that every generation will love, whilst competing against their peers across the APAC region,” Des Horts adds.

Multi-generational living continues to be widespread across Asia. Before COVID-19, almost half of Asians (45%) lived with their extended families in one household. The pandemic accelerated this trend; as families made space for older relatives, young adults moved back home, and households accommodated more family members to pool their living and financial resources. As families adjusted to longer-term co-living in the same space, designers are met with a unique set of challenges around privacy, comfort, and accessibility.

The American Standard Design Awards competition aims to reflect the relevance of multi-generational living with a design approach that balances hygiene, ergonomics, safety, and convenience for users of different age groups – from children to parents to grandparents. The focus on Residential Bathroom Space Design also emphasizes the importance of bathroom aesthetics for urbanites living in high-mass housing. 

American Standard Design Awards 2023 Official Poster

Last year’s inaugural ASDA received an overwhelming response of nearly 3,000 entries hailing from seven countries: Australia, Cambodia, India, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

“The ASDA provides a great platform for design enthusiasts to apply our knowledge and learnings to real-world scenarios. The opportunity to present our ideas to the industry’s top professionals was highly motivating and offered valuable insight into crafting thoughtful and unique designs,” said Lê Đức Thinh, ASDA 2022 Residential Bathroom Space Design Grand Prize Winner.

With limited living areas shared by a mix of age groups, designers will have to optimize and create multi-functional homes that strike a balance between private and shared spaces. The competition will push the envelope on design, challenging students to create a safe, hygienic, and comfortable bathroom that is loved by everyone in the family.

The ASDA 2023 is open to Year 2 and above tertiary design school students from ten countries across the Asia Pacific – Australia, Cambodia, India, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. 

The competition will accept entry submissions from August 24th, 2022 until January 15th, 2023. Entries will be judged through to May 2023, when the Asia Pacific Grand Prize winner will be announced.

The entries will be judged at two levels – National Level and APAC Level. At the national level, a national judging panel made up of architecture and design luminaries from each country will evaluate entries received from local participants.

First prize winners from each country will then proceed to the APAC competition round and will be judged by a regional judging panel for the Grand Prize. In addition, the Grand Prize winner will also have the opportunity to join the award ceremony in Singapore and visit the LIXIL Design Centre for an opportunity to interact with the LIXIL global design team. •

Kanto.com.ph is a proud partner of the American Standard Design Award 2023

For more information about the design competition, please visit the ASDA website.

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