Studio Yang Workspace Commune

Power Grid: Workspace Commune by Studio Yang

Studio Yang deftly harmonizes the requirements of a multigenerational family for their shared workspace, thanks to a grid system and a material palette that balances tradition with experimentation

Words Studio Yang
Editing The Kanto Team
Images Greg Mayo

Studio Yang’s design concept for a shared family workspace focuses on providing a venue for experimentation, interaction, and spontaneity within the social sphere of a working environment. The design approach involves a simple, linear language that is rooted in tradition while also catering to the contemporary needs of the younger generation.

Studio Yang Workspace Commune
Studio Yang Workspace Commune

The harmonic grid of voids serves a dual purpose of optically multiplying and highlighting the spaces directly below them while concealing the structural system and hosting the lighting and engineering systems above. The location of the columns, initially unsuitable at the focal points of the central lounge, was hidden through the integration of millwork shelving that aligned with the ceiling grid. These anchor points created a series of visual thresholds within the open lounge, not only tying the spaces together in perspective but allowing for opportunities for spontaneous interaction and collaboration in a shared setting. The central lounge acts as the focal point of the surrounding office suites, reinforcing the notion of shared values and teamwork in a communal space.

Studio Yang Workspace Commune
Studio Yang Workspace Commune
Studio Yang Workspace Commune

The design team faced a challenge in the form of the structural shell of the building. Rather than a traditional reinforced concrete slab, the existing building hosted a hardy slab, making it difficult to anchor the open ceiling design. Any elements that held a significant amount of weight could only be attached evenly to the ribs. A separate beam and tubular system had to be designed during the construction process to support the open grid ceiling design that is the highlight of the central lounge.

Studio Yang Workspace Commune
Studio Yang Workspace Commune

The client’s preference for traditional finishes was balanced with a desire for a contemporary material language that would appeal to a younger audience. Thoughtfully layered materials and textures bring richness to the space, while also creating a sense of visual interest and balance. Due to limited natural lighting and apertures in the building facade, light and reflective materials are used to diffuse light deeper into the space, while maintaining privacy within the office suites.

A rich palette of textures and makes like natural oak veneer, fluted glass, gray fabrics, and white quartz, enhances the interior and provides needed warmth and variety for the space. The office’s furniture and accessories were also carefully selected to bring in pops of color for an interactive feel but also to imbue the space with a formal, professional look. •

Studio Yang Workspace Commune
Studio Yang Workspace Commune
Floor plan
Studio Yang Workspace Commune
Axonometric diagram

Project Information

Location: Makati City, Metro Manila
Project area: 680 sqm
Date of completion: February 2022
Client: Confidential
Cost: Confidential

Project Team

Design: Studio Yang
Principal architect: Kay Yang

Construction Team

Finishing works: Excell Contractors and Developers Inc.
Painting: GDG Konstrukt Construction Services
Electrical, plumbing, and fire protection: Spec-master Inc.
Mechanical: FR Sevilla Industrial and Development Corporation
Structured cabling: SDD Speed Cabling Services

Specialty Suppliers

Tile finishes: Metro Tiles
Aluminum: Austphil
Kitchen equipment: TW Company Inc.
Lighting fixtures: Sparklight Inc., Neovega, and Nominal Lighting
Plumbing fixtures: Kuysen and Dexterton
Furniture: Contract World, Design Story, Kuysen Furniture, and CWC Interiors
Glassboards: Pacific Glass
Carpet tiles & acoustic board: Diamond Concept

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