Light in the [d]arc

Kanto catches up with Light Plan’s principal lighting designer Jinkie De Jesus and finds out why she and her team are beaming

Design Full Circle

Carlo Delantar of Altum Circular OPC and Angie Tan of Bebu talks circular design and introducing the next generation of designers to more sustainable models of creation and production with the Design Center of the Philippines

One to Watch

Herman Tantriady of Lima Watch takes his time soaking in the process, artistry and storytelling inherent in watchmaking

Unusually Good

Unusually Good | The Unusual Network at

The Unusual Network uses eye-popping, interactive art to educate kids on complex topics like internet addiction and waste

Futureproof by Design

As the Design Center of the Philippines and the British Council collaborate on a project dedicated to formulating the Philippines’ National Design Policy, we discuss the path they face ahead

Act Human

Act Human | Sidus Studio-X at

Sidus Studio-X braves a new world with the first South Korean virtual influencer Rozy