Masterstroke: Galerie Francesca Emporium Unites Three National Artists for a Cause

An exclusive collection of Art For A Cause works by National Artists Fernando Amorsolo, Abdulmari Imao, and Juvenal Sansó, will be on display at Galerie Francesca Emporium until June 12, 2024

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 “Man and Woman on Carabao” by Fernando Amorsolo, “Sarimanok Series 2014” by Abdulmari Imao, and “Alegra La Sombra” by Juvenal Sanso are launched by Galerie Francesca Emporium in collaboration with each National Artist’s estate as “Masterstroke,” a limited release of giclée fine art prints.

Giclée is a French term that means “to spray,” referring to how an inkjet printer works. Giclée prints use a large number of ink cartridges and quality ink, producing works in more sophisticated color ranges. For this collection, giclee assists in highlighting the distinct art styles of each master artist.

Curated by Ricky Francisco, Director of Fundacion Sansó, the collection gives art connoisseurs the chance to have these works of art as part of their private collection while contributing to the projects of the beneficiaries chosen by each estate.

The beneficiary for Juvenal Sansó is I CAre: Initiative for the Continuation of Artist’s Estate. The program will help the Artist’s Estate to develop through merchandising, skill transfer, and copyright resources. Fernando Amorsolo’s Estate selected the literacy programs Rising Sunday Foundation and the Fernando C. Amorsolo Art Foundation Inc., while Abdulmari Asia Imao chose the Arts and Culture Pillar of Angat Buhay Foundation.

The masters and their art

Fernando Amorsolo, born on May 30, 1892, was the First National Artist of the Philippines and renowned as the Master Painter of the Philippine Sunlight. He earned his degree in painting with honors at the University of the Philippines Manila and was sent to Spain by Don Enrique Zobel to further his studies where he was able to learn from the works of European masters Sorolla and Velasquez. While known for his masterpieces such as ‘Defensa de Honor’ and the countless portraits of prominent figures in society, he is most famous for his works depicting the idyllic provincial life.

Kanto Creative Corners Masterstroke Galerie Francesca Emporium Man and Woman on Carabao by Fernando Amorsolo
Man and Woman on Carabao by Fernando Amorsolo

Abdulmari Asia Imao, the son of Tausüg stone crushers, is the Philippines’ first Moro National Artist. Receiving art scholarships from the University of the Philippines and distinguished fine art universities overseas, this master artist held on deeply to his roots and returned home to promote Mindanao’s art and culture. He is known for painting and sculpting sari-fish, sari-ukkir, sari-mosques, and sarimanoks.

Kanto Creative Corners Masterstroke Galerie Francesca Emporium Sarimanok Series 2014 by Abdulmari Asia Imao
Sarimanok Series 2014 by Abdulmari Asia Imao

Juvenal Sansó is an internationally renowned artist that has been recognized and received several awards across different countries including membership into the Order of Chevalier for Arts and Letters from the Ministry of Culture and Communications of France, The Presidential Merit Award from the Philippines, and a King’s Cross of Isabella knighthood from the King of Spain. His earlier work has been heavily influenced by his early experience of war and its perils with his paintings depicting gruesome imagery. In his later years, his grotesque black and white paintings were replaced with vivid depictions of landscapes and orals using striking shades of red, green, orange, and blue. •

Kanto Creative Corners Masterstroke Galerie Francesca Emporium Alegra La Sombra by Juvenal Sansó
Alegra La Sombra by Juvenal Sansó

About Galerie Francesca Emporium

While Emporium aims to bring distinct and exquisite collections such as Masterstroke to art collectors, Emporium also believes that art should be accessible and integrated into all aspects of life. In addition to their range of collectibles, the gallery also features select functional items to bring art and inspiration to everyday life. From home decor to personal stationery to wearable art, the gallery helps bring beauty and creativity beyond the walls of a museum and into your home and lifestyle.

For more information about Galerie Francesca Emporium, visit You may also follow them at @GFEmporium via Facebook and Instagram.

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