All for Art: Galerie Stephanie and Cartellino’s New Shared Space

Gallerie Stephanie marks nine colorful years with a move to a spacious new home, shared with art e-commerce platform Cartellino

Words Galerie Stephanie and Cartellino
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Galerie Stephanie celebrates its move to a bigger location with three exhibits, welcoming patrons to a 330-square-meter gallery at Shangri-La Mall, EDSA, Mandaluyong. It shares the space with the first physical gallery of art e-commerce site Cartellino, a 48 square-meter room with a curved entrance. The platform celebrates its first space with “Little Paper Show,” an exhibit that gathers its past, present, and potential artist collaborators. Galerie Stephanie and Cartellino say that they are “like sister companies” and “part of the same creative ecosystem.” Both have been championing local and international contemporary art since their establishment.

Galerie Stephanie

The three simultaneous solo exhibitions inside Galerie Stephanie are of Filipino pop-surrealist Mr. S (aka Mark Jeffrey Santos), Bandung-based visual artist Addy Debil, and Japanese hyperrealist Hideo Tanaka.

“Intertwining Memory Lanes” by Indonesian artist Addy Debil features vibrant-colored and smiling characters that exude scenes of connection, child-like memories, and community. The hyperrealist Japanese painter Tanaka’s “Iki na Hikari (A Breath of Life)” portrays the meticulous brushstrokes that encourage contemplation on the beauty and authenticity of the everyday mundane. Mr. S’ “Yutori” highlighted his skill in depicting fantastical and dreamlike landscapes with his trademark adventure-seeking characters accompanied by larger-than-life creatures.

Founded in 2007, Galerie Stephanie is one of the leading artist-centered galleries in the Philippines. The gallery started as a platform for modern art and established local artists and has evolved its program into a more contemporary line-up. The platform also provides exhibition opportunities to international artists as well as joining established local and global art fairs, and presentations with partner galleries in Japan, Indonesia, and North America.


To commemorate the establishment of their first physical space, Cartellino features over thirty of their artists—those who have been part of our journey so far and those that they hope to be part of their continuing journey. The platform derived its name from an Italian term that translates to “little paper,” so it is only fitting that they name the exhibit “Little Paper Show.”

The show is a celebration of all the works, words, and aspirations—no matter how little, how brief—that constitute the broad history of the platform. The entire exhibit dominates Cartellino’s intimate space, with small to medium-sized paper artworks either framed and resting on shelves or hanging from the ceiling.

Cartellino was launched in 2020 as the country’s first art e-commerce website. It started as an online-only platform, digest, and shop.

Kanto Galerie Stephanie and Cartellino New Shared Space

All four exhibits will be on view until March 3. Galerie Stephanie and Cartellino are now located at Level 6 East Wing of Shangri-la Plaza, EDSA cor. Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City. The gallery is open from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM daily.

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