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AI2CI: B+Abble 2023 Delves into Harnessing AI for the Betterment of Communities

Multimedia artist Patrick Cabral and social designer Abi Mapua headlines this year's B+Abble, alongside dialogues and live music performances

Editor’s note: This article is an edited press release from B+Abble

Welcome back to B+Abble, the much-anticipated series of talks on contemporary design and arts for artists, architecture fans, designers, and community design catalysts. This year’s festival will be held on October 28, 2023, Saturday, and celebrated in person.

For nine years, Buensalido+Architects, one of the country’s most innovative and progressive architecture firms, has hosted and organized B+Abble. The event is eagerly awaited by architects and design professionals, students, creatives, entrepreneurs, and more. At B+Abble, professionals from various creative fields share their wisdom and learnings from their respective journeys and experiences, challenging and inspiring the creative community to think differently and create positive disruptions in their own practices.

This year’s event will feature a series of talks and panel discussions from diverse professionals who will share their knowledge and experiences throughout the event. The event will also showcase unique performances by locally acclaimed performers and musical talents. The venue for the event will be Whitespace Manila, located at Don Chino Roces Extension in Makati City, a dramatic all-white events hall in an emerging trendsetting neighborhood that hosts various events on a blank canvas to let creativity flourish.

The theme for this year’s event is “Artificial Intelligence to Collective Intelligence.” With the integration of AI technologies into architecture, design, arts, and the community, we strive to explore how this tool can affect, improve, and assist in the design process and everyday life. Collective Intelligence refers to the shared knowledge, insights, and problem-solving abilities that emerge from collaborative ideas through different means and sources. With this, the goal is to understand how AI can be integrated in achieving collective intelligence, which can lead to more contextually appropriate and socially responsible design solutions.

Patrick Cabral, a well-known multimedia artist and designer recognized for his unique design approach through his artworks and recently with fashion, is one of this year’s main speakers. Known for his intricately crafted paper sculptures of animals, paper cutting, lettering, and typography, he has created exceptionally detailed artworks. With his recent venture and experiment in fashion, he utilized AI programs such as Stable Diffusion and Midjourney to reimagine a modern Filipiniana concept. This has been recognized and shared by thousands of people in his attempt to inspire real-world fashion designers. With his knowledge and experience in AI capabilities, we strive to learn how art can be expressed through various means and processes.

The second main speaker for this year’s B+Abble event is Abi Mapua, the president and co-founder of KindMind, a Social Design and Innovation Laboratory dedicated to collaborating with enterprises, organizations, and institutions in crafting valuable services, initiatives, and innovations that align with the triple bottom line of benefiting people, the planet, and prosperity. Their goal is to contribute to a more compassionate world where inclusivity and sustainability can be embraced as a way of life. She is also a partner at Kaospilot, an experience design program that assists in crafting purposeful and emotionally engaging experiences to influence people’s thoughts, emotions, and actions. Equipped with a contemporary toolkit for comprehending, designing, and delivering meaningful experiences, their goal is to make a lasting and positive difference in the community and the environment.

Aside from the main speakers, the event will also feature panel discussions attended by diverse professionals and mediated by an interdisciplinary artist and an architect through a series of panel discussions.

Architecture: Neil Bersabe of Ber Sab Arc Design Studio, Gerard Joson of Mongrel

Art: Patrick Cabral

Community: Patrick Kasingsing of Kanto & Brutalist Pilipinas

Data Scientist: Dominic Ligot of CirroLytix

Digital Marketing: Jao Bautista of Propel Manila

Graphic Design: Aj Dimarucot

Law: Greg Tiongco of Tiongco Siao Bello & Associates

Music & Law: Bob Ecarma

Psychology: Miguel Valdez of Mind You & Vanguard Assessment

Moderator: Diego Maranan Associate Professor of UP Open University, Aldrich Tan of UXPH

Performances: A II Z, Somatosonic

Come and join us as we learn from our unique set of speakers who will be sharing their knowledge across multiple series of talks. This year’s festival aims to help and assist all B+Abblers in contributing to positive change through contemporary design, innovation, and progressive thinking solutions.

Registration is now open and can be accessed via bit.ly/babble2023reg or through Buensalido+Architects’ Facebook or Instagram pages. Ticket prices are P600 for students and P800 for graduates and professionals. The ticket price includes admission, coffee, and snacks.

Kanto.com.ph is a proud media partner of B+Abble 2022.

For inquiries, email Buensalido+Architects at design@buensalidoarchitects.com, or send a message to Buensalido+Architects on Facebook or Instagram.

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