PURVEYR Celebrates Ten Years of Chronicling Creativity and Culture with PURVEYR Fair

We speak to PURVEYR founder Marvin Conanan on what to expect for the decade-old brand's biggest celebration of creativity and culture yet

Interview The Kanto Team

A Gathering on Creativity and Culture
18 – 19 November 2022

Hello Marvin! Happy 10th anniversary to PURVEYR! Can think of no better way to mark such a milestone than with a fair dedicated to the pursuit of creativity. PURVEYR Fair traces its roots back to your Pursuit Fair in 2016. Can you briefly recount the genesis of the event, how it’s evolved throughout the years, and what we can expect in 2022’s edition in terms of themes, creative curation, and setup? 

Marvin Conanan, founder, PURVEYR: PURVEYR Fair, formerly known as Pursuit Fair, started in 2016 as a response to our need of raising funds for PURVEYR Magazine Issue 2. The first-ever fair was hosted in the small co-working space of Warehouse Eight along Pasong Tamo in Makati city only hosting around 20 local brands. After the success of the first fair and seeing the interest of the creative community in such an event, we decided to continue hosting Pursuit Fair twice a year to bring together brand owners, artists, designers, and the whole creative community under one roof.

From the small one in Warehouse Eight in 2016 that received around 300-400 visitors, the fair grew slowly every time until the last one in 2019 where we hosted it in Samsung Hall in SM Aura Premier had 1,500+ guests for the one-day fair. Fast forward to 2022, after the slow fade of the pandemic, we are back to hosting the fair again with renewed energy and vision — to host a fair that fully encapsulates the PURVEYR brand and is inspired by our mission to facilitate the growth of the creative community through commerce, culture, and conversations. Other than the change of the fair name, starting this 2022, we aim to host PURVEYR Fair annually that happens for 2 days or more — bigger, longer, and a lot more impactful.

And for the first PURVEYR Fair, you can expect a more diverse group of merchants and activities that span creative pursuits in art, music, design, and lifestyle. 

How did you go about the selection of partners and collaborators for the event? 

We make sure that we find a balance among the participating brands. As much as possible create a selection where you get a glimpse of many different creative communities and interests. While most will be creative businesses and groups, each should have a unique story to tell or POV to share. 

What do you hope to achieve with your collaborators with this two-day gathering of creatives? What do you want your PURVEYR Fair visitors take away from it?

For PURVEYR Fair 2022, we have two main goals: 1. To be able to offer an elevated experience and atmosphere to merchants and visitors throughout PURVEYR Fair. We think that by doing so we have the opportunity to inspire more creatives to realize that we are world-class, and that what we create locally is valuable and competitive globally. 2. To design and host an event where creative and social diversity thrives. A space where unique self and creative expressions are welcomed and celebrated. 

And with those, we’re hoping that visitors will have a chance to immerse themselves in the many potential creative endeavors and pursuits one may take, to be able to meet like-minded individuals and bring home the inspiration to pursue something creative and meaningful.

The fair is a celebration of the myriad avenues of creative expression there is: can you let us in on some of the creative attractions that await your visitors?

Other than the exhibits and pop-up shops of our brand partners: Meta, Titan, Vans, and Signet, I believe that there will be so much to see from the 33 merchant booths we have at the fair. I’m just really excited to see these brands and groups side by side, jumping from one world to another. 

This year’s PURVEYR Fair edition comes with a special awards component: The best booth design and experience. What prompted the inclusion of such an award? What are the metrics for winning and can you let us in on the jury who will decide this year’s winner?

This is a fun addition to the fair to be able to encourage and reward participants who put so much effort into designing and conceptualizing their spaces. One thing that’s unique about the fair is that while it is a marketplace, it is more of an art exhibition too due to the different expressions that brands and participants have. Metrics would be Visual Impact, Brand Relatability, and Creativity. The jury will be a mix of industry people from our team and outsiders who will be revealed soon.

To complement the show of creative expression within the fair, you also seek to further creative introspection with the inclusion of panel talks with industry luminaries and brands. Can you reveal the themes to be tackled and the panelists who will be leading the discussions?

There will be talks and workshops covering the diverse world of creative industries with the goal of imparting to attendees how to further drive their creative and cultural careers and pursuits with some talks driven by major brand partners.

The six different talks will cover the following topics:

November 18, 2022, Friday

5:00pm—6:30pm Authenticity and the Creative Practice: Staying True to your Roots (Powered by Titan)

Moderated by Mikki Dela Rea, Meme Gomez of Bastard, Erik Saguiped of Season Pass

7:00pm—8:30pm The Power of Small Business in the Modern World (Powered by Meta)

Moderated by Marco Katigbak, Speakers: Andrei Suleik of Fren

November 19, 2022, Saturday

11:00am—12:30pm Coexistence in the Creative Industries: Creating Equity and Safer Spaces

Moderated by Celeste Lapida, Speakers: Czar Kristoff of Unlearning & Makahiya Press

2:00pm—3:30pm Cultivating the Third Space: Businesses and their Communities
Moderated by Arts Serrano, Speakers to follow

4:00pm—5:30pm Going Hyperlocal: Decolonized Frameworks and Circular Production
Moderated by Kristian Henson, Speakers: Aren Pe & Isai Araneta of Fortune WWD, Angelica Dela Cruz of Kahel

6:00pm—7:30pm Heritage Clothing: Redefining Luxury through Value (Powered by Signet)

Moderated by Julio del Prado, Speakers: Jason Qua of Signet, Dante Dizon of 13LuckyMonkey, Raphael Lao of Sonnyboy Vintage

PURVEYR has now entered its first decade of existence; beyond the fair, what more can we look forward to from the brand in the near future?

If anything, PURVEYR Fair is an indication of what we aim to do in the next few years — to be able to create more impact through bigger activities and pursuits that are rooted in the brand and its purpose. To hone all the things that we do to become holistic to the purpose of ‘humanizing creativity’. •

PURVEYR Fair 2022 is the brand’s annual gathering on creativity and culture. Their largest edition yet opens on November 18-19, 2022, at the Samsung Hall, SM Aura Premier, Bonifacio Global City. Buy your tickets at purveyr.helixpay.ph/categories/events

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