Stitching Stories: Contributing to the Future of Luneta with A Community Loom

Be part of Luneta Park's evolution with a community loom project—an interactive way to weave together community insight and creativity

Words and Images Joevic Mondejar of Mondae Studio
The Kanto Team


Join us in shaping Luneta Park’s ongoing story and brighter future with our community loom project—an empowering opportunity to unify voices through creative expression.

On May 25, 2024, our ‘Kape and Sorbetes’ event creatively approached data gathering by engaging Rizal Park visitors to share their diverse insights on park usage and experiences.

The afternoon started with an introduction to placemaking, followed by an art workshop where participants explored their internal spaces and emotions using abstract art. Select participants volunteered their drawings, sharing how being in Luneta Park made them feel and why they chose it over nearby malls.


Afterward, the crowd engaged in the community loom activity using scrap textiles provided by Barrio Studios. The afternoon was shared with coffee and free ice cream to cap the activity. The event concluded with a watch party of “The Place Man,” a documentary by Guillermo Bernal with Filipino subtitles.

Building on the Community Loom event’s success in Luneta last May 25, the initiative now extends to the Papakape pop-up at the Mini Theater in the Martyrdom Garden of Luneta Park. This ongoing project aims to deepen community collaboration by collecting valuable insights from Rizal Park visitors, helping to understand and improve their experiences and preferences. Participants will be invited to answer questions linked to specific textile colors, adding to a colorful mix of feedback.

The community loom activity will continue from June 24 to July 24, 2025, and the public is enjoined to participate. Don’t miss this chance to have your voice heard and contribute to the future of Luneta Park.

Why Participate?

Share Your Voice: Contribute your thoughts and experiences to help shape the future of Rizal Park.

Engage Creatively: Enjoy a unique and interactive way to provide feedback through weaving.

Community Collaboration: Become an integral part of a collective effort to enhance the park experience.

This project is organized by Mondae Studio, Makisalo Open House, Placemaking Davao, and Placemaking Pilipinas, in partnership with Barrio Studios, Papakape, and the National Parks Development Committee. •

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