Diamond Standard: American Standard Celebrates 60 Years in The Philippines

Bathroom and kitchen brand stalwart American Standard marks its diamond year in the Philippines by releasing innovative bathroom solutions that balance beauty and utility

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Editor’s note: What follows is an edited press release provided by American Standard Philippines. We’d like to congratulate our friends at American Standard and LIXIL Philippines for achieving this momentous milestone.

A healthier life made better with the love of family and friends and reflected in a safe and beautiful home. This was the core message of American Standard as it celebrated its 60th year in the Philippines. For over six decades, families have been trusting American Standard to make all these possible in their homes, thanks to the leading sanitary ware brand’s innovative technologies and award-winning designs for bathroom and kitchen products that are easy to use and are built to last.

An intimate thanksgiving party for the media was held by the brand last August 31, 2022, at Terraz Bistro, Makati City to mark this important milestone. The celebration began with a message from Antoine Besseyre des Horts, LIXIL Global Design Leader: “We are excited for the Filipinos to see how the brand will further evolve in the coming year and discover soon more new products that will elevate their bathroom experiences at home and in public spaces,” he shared.

To commemorate the momentous occasion, American Standard unveiled new and innovative products designed to make life healthier and the home safe and more beautiful.

The featured products included the Acacia Supasleek (header image), a collection of toilets and wash basins that boasts of ultra-sleek edge for that sleeker, modern style with zero compromises on comfort and technology.

Acacia Supasleek water closets showcase the unparalleled HygieneClean technologies to deliver 24/7 total hygiene protection. Meanwhile, the CrystaSleek toilet seat and cover, also a key innovation, uses a dual injection molding process. The result is a slimmer yet resilient design that perfectly matches any bathroom style. Acacia Supasleek water basins feature the ThinEdge ceramic technology where basins have ultra-sleek edges of only 5mm while maintaining the strength and resilience of regular basins.

The innovative HygieneClean technologies and features are found in the water closets of American Standard. There is the award-winning Aqua Ceramic technology that prevents dirt and dark ring stains from sticking to its ceramic surface, and ComfortClean technology to effectively get rid of any viruses and bacteria in the bathroom. To ensure better hygiene and ease of cleaning, the American Standard water closet collection is also powered with Power Rim technology with Double Vortex Flushing System for unparalleled flushing capabilities.

DuoSTiX, EasyFLO touchless bathroom

To make the bathroom experience truly safe for Filipino families, American Standard introduces the Touchless Sensor Toilets, a wireless flush technology that uses a remote control to activate flushing by waving of the hand. The sensor, which can be placed anywhere in the user’s bathroom range up to five meters, aims to minimize the contact of surfaces to reduce contamination of germs and bacteria. 

American Standard also highlighted bathroom fixtures such as the EasySET™ Exposed, an auto-temperature mixer that maintains the correct balance of hot and cold water based on the user’s preset temperature. Meanwhile, the EasyFLO™ collection levels up the user’s bathroom experience from the manual knobs and levers to the sleek, minimalist push-button technology of EasyFLO™. This collection is purposefully designed with an easy push on-off button and styled to complement today’s modern homes and lifestyles.

There’s also the DuoStiX™ Hygiene Spray, a dual cleanse spray that is gentle on the skin but can also be used to remove tough bathroom stains. Its reversible spray cap is helpful for women and children as it helps to thoroughly cleanse from the front to the back. The spray cap is also removable for a cleaning-optimized spray.

Meanwhile, the DuoStiX™ Hand Shower allows users to enjoy an invigorating cleanse with its efficient water-saving duo sprays that are robust yet gentle on the skin. The handheld spray can be transformed into a stick for a focused jet spray for bathroom and surface cleaning.

While American Standard has already cemented its name in the bathroom product space, in its 60th year and beyond, it promises to remain committed to offering innovative and trustworthy products to turn the Filipino home into a comfortable, caring, and inviting place to live.

The celebration was graced by special guests including Keith Lai, LIXIL Water Technology APAC Category Management Pro & Commercial Leader, and concluded with a brief video message from Satoshi Konagai, LIXIL Water Technology, APAC Leader, as he shared: “The Philippines is a key market for LIXIL in the Asia Pacific. With solid growth potential – rising home ownership, consumer spending, and a growing economy. As a company and as a brand, we are committed to bringing you the best in innovative technologies and award-winning designs for bathrooms and kitchens designed to your needs and the needs of future generations.” 

To know more about the American Standard, visit americanstandard.ph and follow @AmericanStandardPH on Facebook and @americanstandard_ph on Instagram. •

LIXIL Global Design Leader Antoine Besseyre des Horts and LIXIL Water Technology APAC leader Satoshi Konagai

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