#Lex Balaguer

Independent curator, artistic organizer, and co-founder of Load na Dito Mayumi Hirano finds grounding in open and collaborative curatorial practice in the local community, expanding the possibilities of compassion in curation and contemporary art
Prompted by losing a loved one to Alzheimer’s, visual artist Shannah Orencio’s fifth solo show at Pinto Art Museum reflects on memories intimated by flowers, and how collecting and painting them forged new connections beyond her inner world
Ateneo Art Awardee for Visual Art, Jo Tanierla’s (b. 1989) first solo exhibition employs historical fiction and magic realism to record imagined journeys and prophecies that reflect upon the origins of fascism in today’s society
Fr. Jason Dy, SJ (b. 1977) latest solo exhibition at the Vargas Museum proposes an exploration of the complex relationship between man and nature by revealing the ineradicable spirit they share amidst the turbulence of the times
For her sixth solo show at 1335MABINI, painter Celeste Lecaroz revisits the oeuvre of National Artist Fernando Amorsolo, master of light in Philippine genre paintings, in an effort to remember his life, reinterpret his works, and find new light in the past and present
In its new effort to exhibit artworks online, Silverlens bares photographer Jake Verzosa’s intentions and process of reconciling and recording the indelible heritage of traditional Kalinga tattoos, and invoking the circumstances surrounding the women that embody them