Japanese brand INAX Recalls Therapeutic Water Rituals in their New Collection of Touchless Toilets

INAX transforms the bathroom experience by creating a collection of innovative touchless toilets that allude to Japanese water rituals

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Editor’s note: What follows is an edited press release provided by INAX Philippines.

From ancient times, the Japanese have always had a special and symbolic connection with water that goes far beyond its traditional function of cleansing.  For one, onsen, which is a Japanese term for therapeutic pleasure, is one of the many “rituals” of water to wash away the stresses of the day as well as soothe, and restore the soul. By refreshing the soul with sublimely pristine water and indulging in peaceful relaxation in the bathroom, Japanese people regain the strengths to carry on and feel reborn as they face everyday life.

Combining Japanese spirituality with cutting-edge technology in order to introduce Japan’s rituals of water to homes around the world. while bearing the vision to improve our quality of life, INAX, the Japanese brand known worldwide as a pioneer of innovations, looks for every opportunity to incorporate wellness elements that protect, nurture, and inspire.

Fueled by this vision, the brand transforms the bathroom experience by creating a collection of sophisticated and innovative INAX touchless toilets that symbolically convey the Japanese custom of using water technology and design.

INAX touchless toilets - Satis G in white
INAX Satis G in white

Here’s why touchless toilets are more than just a passing trend in bathroom design:

They offer a world of convenience and absolute hygiene

A touchless toilet can make everyday things more manageable and less daunting. For one, both the INAX Satis S integrated pallet and the winner of the Good Design Gold Award INAX Satis G integrated spalet are re-engineered to transform toilets into more comfortable spaces and provide users with satisfaction and cleanliness through significant improvements in both functions and design.

These two INAX touchless toilets include an Air Shield Deodorizer function that uses airflow to prevent odors from leaking outside the bowl, Triple Vortex Flush that powerfully and efficiently flushes the entire surface of the bowl, as well as a Room Refresh function with Plasmacluster technology that automatically opens the lid at a preset time to deodorize the air in the toilet space – blending smartly into varying bathroom spaces and exudes style, convenience, comfort, and humanized features while remaining compact.

The Satis G also has a bigger footprint, wider color options, and an additional Foam Cushion Technology for an unprecedented level of hygiene. INAX also developed Aqua Ceramic, the world’s first technology in sanitary ware boasting a super hydrophilic layer that lifts the stain off the surface with just the power of water for timeless cleanliness and shine.

INAX touchless toilets - Satis G in black
INAX Satis G in black

They give the best of both worlds

With convenience and durability as two of the most important considerations in bathroom spaces, INAX has mastered the technologies to achieve maximum comfort while managing efficiency. The INAX S200 Line One-Piece Toilet and S200 Close Coupled Toilet both offer rimless one-sweep cleaning and hands-free powerful vortex flush. There’s also the INAX S400 Close Coupled Toilet that has Aqua Ceramic Technology and contactless vortex flush with a stylish modern design that can liberate you from the burden of cleaning while the INAX Shower Toilet Satis G has a built-in electronic plump for powerful flush, and automatic close and open function. Finally, the INAX Shower Toilet Satis S has a state-of-the-art design and appearance combining smart technology and humanized design with its touchless cleaning function, and triple vortex flushing feature.

INAX touchless toilets - Satis S
INAX Satis S

In a world with invisible enemies and health setbacks amid these times and especially during the pandemic, the concept of doing more with less is vital, now more than ever.

For more updates on INAX, visit their website and follow @INAXPhilippines on Facebook and @inax.philippines on Instagram. •

INAX Satis S
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