Foraging Bliss: Tahanan Pottery Shop & Studio’s Ceramics Showcase

The Foraging Bliss exhibit by Tahanan Pottery Shop & Studio centers on ceramics, allowing viewers to revel in the beauty of solitude, transformation, and contentment

Words and Images Sulyap Gallery and Tahanan Pottery Shop & Studio

‘Metamorphosis,’ one-piece work stoneware by Saskia Kresse

In a world where thriving in collective chaos and constantly moving amidst deafening noise are the norm, how do we settle into stillness and embrace the subtle, transformative moments in our own lives?

Such is the breathing space that “Foraging Bliss,” the latest gallery exhibit at Sulyap Gallery by Tahanan Pottery Shop & Studio, offers.

L: Ceramic group piece by JB Tabuzo, Tinka Dan, Dindo Pilareja, and Saskia Kress; R: ‘I found the Rose II’ one-piece work stoneware by JB Tabuz

“Foraging Bliss” transports visitors into a world of elusive tranquility, where they can find beauty in the quieter moments of growth and surrender in the permanence of change. Headlined by budding Filipino multimedia artist, JB Tabuzo, featuring Saskia Kresse, Dindo Pilareja, and Tinka Dan, the exhibit features a series of artworks that captures the cyclical nature of transformation, inviting visitors to reflect on their own journeys towards fullness and contentment.

L: ‘Half & Half’ one-piece work stoneware by Tinka Dan; R: ‘Oddity Basket (Pushed Aside)’ one-piece work stoneware by Dindo Pilareja

“We are thrilled to bring ‘Foraging Bliss’ to our gallery,” says Tahanan Pottery Shop & Studio Program Director, Prof. Rita Badilla-Gudiño, MFA. “This exhibit showcases the talent and creativity of our budding artists, whose pieces represent different phases of their own personal growth and change. We hope viewers will feel inspired to look within and find a renewed appreciation for the beauty of solitude, transformation, and contentment.” •

Foraging Bliss by Tahanan Pottery
The Foraging Bliss exhibit by Tahanan Pottery will run until June 13, 2023 at Sulyap Gallery.

About Sulyap Gallery by Tahanan Pottery Shop & Studio

Sulyap Gallery offers a home for ceramic artists, enthusiasts, and the community to explore and experience art, creativity, and our shared passion for pottery. It advocates accessibility to contemporary Philippine ceramics through its diverse exhibition and event opportunities.

The gallery supports the creative freedom of artists by providing an open space where they can enrich their practices, stage new ideas, or cross-polinate with other disciplines, evoking dialogues and readings that are valuable in cultivating Philippine contemporary ceramic art.

Sulyap Gallery is a refuge where viewers are allowed to relish pieces made with our bare hands. It is an open door for everyone to discover, engage, and connect intimately with clay – the humble medium that centers our community.

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